Buying Process

  1. Prequalification Process

    Unless you are a cash buyer, the first step of the home buying process is getting pre-qualified with a mortgage lender. The Gouge Lorencen team will be happy to set you up with one of their endorsed mortgage lending partners. This pre-qualification will enable you to know what price range home you should be comfortable buying and gives you the upper hand during the negotiation process. During the prequalification process, the lender will also provide you with an estimate of the closing costs of the mortgage. This is crucial information in determining the upfront funds you will need to purchase a home.

  2.  The Search

    After discussing the criteria you would like to find in a home, The Gouge Lorencen Team will begin a detailed search of homes in your preferred areas matching that desired criteria. You are also more than welcome to search for homes on your own. From the results, you will choose which homes you desire to see in person. They will set up appointments for you to tour each home and provide you with all pertinent information necessary to make a knowledgeable offer on the home of your choice.

  3. The Negotiation

    The Gouge Lorencen team strives to make the contract negotiation process as simple and stress free as possible. They will guide you through the paperwork involved, ensuring you understand and feel comfortable with each stage of the negotiation process. They will use their experience and expert negotiation skills to get you the best price possible for the home of your choosing.

  4. Pending Process

    Once the terms of the contract have been agreed upon, this will be the time for you to secure the mortgage financing for which you have been pre-approved, as well as conduct any inspections on the home upon which the contract was contingent (i.e. pest inspection, home inspection, appraisal, etc.).

  5. Closing

    Once the home has passed all necessary inspections and the financing on the home has been secured, it is time to officially close on the property. The closing will be performed by a licensed attorney or title company. Prior to the closing, you should receive a settlement statement showing you a breakdown of the fees you will be paying for the home, ensuring there are no surprises at the closing table. After the closing paperwork has been explained/signed and the funds dispersed, you will officially be the new owner of your home!